Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security Solutions in Singapore

For businesses, corporations and organisations of any nature, it is imperative to leverage endpoint security systems from a reliable provider for maximum protection against malicious cyber-attacks. These days where cyber-attacks are rampant and detrimental to all organisations, it is an absolute necessity to acquire a full suite of systems.

If you are looking for a provider in Singapore, you can count on INStream Corporation to recommend the best products and services to help you protect all endpoint systems across your organisation.

Safer Systems for Businesses

An experienced endpoint security provider with numerous years of experience in provider top-to-bottom solutions for businesses in Singapore and abroad, you can depend on our systems to protect your servers, laptops, desktops as well as other devices from cyber-attacks.

Our robust endpoint security solutions in Singapore encompass anti-virus, firewall, anti-intrusion system amongst many other features. Businesses can reap huge benefits from having a safer and more secure system.

We cater state-of-the-art solutions from our renowned vendors. We have partnered with some leading names including Fortinet, Symantec, Sophos and FireEye to protect your organisation from malicious attacks on your end-point devices. Their solutions involve traditional signature-based anti-virus as well as next-gen anti-virus which focuses on minimizing zero-day attacks.

INStream Corporation is proud to be a reliable endpoint security provider with a huge clientele in Singapore and abroad. We have extended our services to organisations in insurance and banking as well as ministries and multi-national corporations. Our expert team of cybersecurity engineers yearn to help you enjoy more secure means of managing your business and organisation.

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