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Email Security Solutions in Singapore

Ransomware attacks and viruses through phishing emails and spam resulted in $850 million dollars’ worth of damage in 2016. Furthermore, The Business Times also reported that Singapore is now a hotspot for business email scams as well as malicious attackers. In fact, Singapore accounts for 68.1% of cyber-attacks in Southeast Asia!

Now, more than ever, has the need for secure email solutions been more critical for businesses all over the globe. This is where INStream Corporation, the premier IT security solutions provider based in Singapore, and our solutions come in.

A homegrown company with a full suite of smart and innovative information technology (IT) solutions geared towards helping businesses tackle the dynamic and ever-evolving obstacles and challenges in the cyber world.

Maximum Protection Against Cyber Threats

INStream Corporation provides smart email security solutions for businesses in Singapore and the rest of the world which are geared towards preventing cyber threats from infiltrating your business and corporation via e-mails.

We leverage the innovative solutions from our trusted partners which are also leading security vendors with a proven track record of providing top-notch services and products. Our partners include Fortinet, Symantec, Proofpoint, Sophos and Barracuda. Their sophisticated email security solutions are unrivalled, effective and cater to a wide variety of businesses from various industries in Singapore and abroad.

You can depend on our secure email solutions for cost-effective and assured protection as well as 24/7 administrative control. The features of our products include antivirus and anti-spam protection as well as data protection and compliance management.

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