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 Network Risk Assessment in Singapore

In the age where businesses and organisations from all industries rely heavily on network technology, network attacks have never been more rampant. Therefore, it is imperative for all corporations to acquire a full suite of network security solutions geared towards enhancing network security. It is mandatory for corporations to go through a thorough assessment to discover the most suitable solutions.

A homegrown company in Singapore with an extensive range of network security solutions, INStream Corporation’s network risk management solutions optimise networks for maximum productivity and security. Our unique network security merges layers of defences within the network and at the edge to block malicious network activity. Instead, it gives access to authorized users.

Premium Network Risk Management Solutions for Your Business

We leverage the premium network solutions provided by our vendors including Fortinet, Check Point, Synopsys, Paloalto networks, Sophos as well as Tenable. Our team of experts rely on a risk-based approach involving the assessment of network security threats to provide businesses with an end-to-end support system.

Choose INStream Corporation, the network solutions provider in Singapore you can depend on to provide the best solutions to accelerate your business growth and mitigate network risks. Our process incorporates identifying key network security threats within your systems. Our team will then recommend the best solutions to mitigate these network threats.

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