Fortinet – Enterprise Firewall Magic Quadrant Leader

An Enterprise Firewall MQ Leader

Fortinet’s commitment to innovation and integration goes far beyond our wide portfolio of market-leading solutions and industry-leading number of certifications and patents. We have also consistently challenged the traditional concepts of network security by focusing on a holistic approach that allows organizations to deploy a single, integrated solution across their entire distributed network, including mobile users and devices, branch offices, central campuses, data centers, internal network segments, and multi-cloud ecosystems.

We believe those efforts have resulted in our recognition again in the latest Gartner Enterprise Firewall Magic Quadrant report. The report for 2018 identifies Fortinet for our completeness of vision, as well as the ability to execute.

A Future-Proof Solution

Fortinet’s FortiGate Enterprise Firewalls are engineered to not only deliver superior next-generation firewall (NGFW) capabilities, but also provide a future-proof solution that can adapt as network environments evolve. For example, encrypted data and transactions now comprise more than half of all network traffic to securely move information between distributed network environments. To support this growing trend, FortiGate delivers the highest SSL performance in the industry and supports industry-mandated ciphers for secure cloud access.

Securing Distributed Networks Starts with Deep Integration

Another critical component of Fortinet’s integrated Security Fabric solution is FortiOS, a universal security operating system that spans a wide variety of security solutions for fast and integrated management, orchestration, and span of control. Fortinet has also developed the highest performing security processors in the industry, have integrated advanced sandbox functionality into our NGFW solutions, designed Security Fabric Connectors that automate deep integration with third-party security solutions, and built the largest threat intelligence infrastructure on the planet that leverages the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies available. This combination of innovations allows enterprise IT teams to centralize management and orchestration, correlate threat intelligence, identify known and unknown vulnerabilities and threats, and automatically deliver an integrated and coordinated response to attacks in real-time regardless of where they occur.

The Most Valued Security Brand in the Industry

In addition to having again been recognized by Gartner as an Enterprise Firewall MQ leader, we believe Fortinet is also the most certified security vendor in the industry, earning a record nine unique NSS Labs recommendations in the last year alone. According to IDC, Fortinet has shipped more units over the past five years.

FortiGate’s success, however, goes beyond mere industry recognition. Fortinet’s Enterprise Firewall customers across 16 different industries have also provided close to 900 product reviews, with nearly 500 of them perfect five stars, on Gartner Peer Insights—nearly twice as many as the next two vendors. This unprecedented level of enthusiastic customer support has also earned Fortinet recognition as a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Network Firewalls, a designation of which we are especially proud as it comes from those individuals and organizations tasked with protecting their networks from the growing threat of cyberattack.

Security is the linchpin for today’s digital transformation efforts. Securing today’s increasingly complex networks, however, requires integrating traditionally isolated security devices across the extended and constantly changing network. Mobile users and smart devices, remote offices, multi-cloud environments, IoT adoption, and web-based applications and services require security to function as a single, holistic solution. Because of its broad portfolio, commitment to constant innovation, and sensitivity to bottom-line concerns, Fortinet continues to demonstrate its commitment to meeting the needs of today’s evolving digital marketplace through the ongoing development of its market-leading Security Fabric solutions strategy.

The Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet’s Security Fabric provides market-leading security solutions for each of these virtualization and cloud
environments, including the most widely adopted service provider security solutions in the market. Using a cloud-based
management tool (FortiManager), a common operating system (FortiOS), and a single threat intelligence source for consistent
enforcement (FortiGuard), organization can weave together a single, integrated security fabric for complete visibility and
control across the entire distributed network environment.



*Taken from Fortinet Blog